• Caroline, or Change by Tony Kushner

    Caroline, or Change—the gorgeously resonant musical about race relations and resilience—has just opened in a gloriously heart-rending production by The Elden Street Players. Here in Herndon, Virginia, tucked into an intimate black box theater, is a show with such a superb cast and orchestra, performing with such emotional authenticity and theatrical authority, that it left me after in a kind of rapture: I wanted the honesty of its truth-telling never to end. - John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Arts [read more] -

    The story follows Caroline (a commanding Anya Randall Nebel) the Black maid for a Jewish family, the Gellmans. She earns $30 per week, scraping by, raising her own family as a single parent. She spends her days in a clammy basement doing the Gellman’s laundry. As we first meet her, she sings in a most powerful voice, “nothing ever happen underground in Louisiana. Cause there ain’t no underground in Louisiana. There is only underwater.” David Siegel, ShowBizRadio [read more]

  • Aida

    The most recent AIDA, is the best show I've seen at this venue in years. It reminds me of those days when crowds packed the place eager for the new, un-known stuff like The Rink and Baby. "I've never heard of this before" was a frequent statement made by the crowd lining up to go in the theatre. At intermission, "That Elton John sure knows music!", "What a beautiful story!" and the like were heard. It is nice to hear audiences recognize quality when they see it. And while I don't share their enthusiasm for the show itself, I do agree that this production is good quality. I'm not that surprised that the quality was there with this AIDA, with Anya Randall Nebel not only that the helm, but in the starring role. Local theatre enthusiasts probably know her work with Winters Lane Productions Dreamgirls and Once on This Island, for example. Those "in the know" have come to expect intense drama, high quality talent and beautifully directed shows. For the most part, that is what you get here.

    Ms. Nebel clearly knows how to direct a show. Each scene is carefully blocked and each offers an almost individual story, more like bricks put together to create a pyramid, say, rather than woven together in a lovely tapestry. Some of this, I am certain, is because Ms. Nebel is saddled with a set rented from Gateway Playhouse in New York, rather than one tailored to her unique vision. The set

  • Ragtime (Terrence McNally)

    As Sarah in "Ragtime," Anya Randall-Nebel accomplishes the nearly impossible. She introduces us to Sarah who has just tried to take the life of her own newborn child, yet before the end of Act One, transforms Sarah into a compelling, even sympathetic heroine. Randall-Nebel brilliantly conveys the conflicting strength and desperation that drive Sarah to tragedy. And she sings with the same combination of delicacy and power. Her handling of "Ragtime's" vocal showpiece, "On the Wheels of a Dream," is truly show-stopping.

    Jeff Harding, Vice President
    Pearl Works, Ltd.

  • A Chorus Line

    Harborlights' production features veteran performer, Anya Randall, as Maggie ... Randall, as usual, sings and acts with her own special flair and enthusiasm. -Joan Prall, The Times

    "Anya Randall is a dynamo on stage full of energy, lung power and an obvious joy in what she is doing. When she smiles on stage, the radiance comes from her inner soul and not just the stage lights reflecting off her mouth. Whether she is singing a solo or singing with the ensemble ..." -R.B. Jones Baltimore Times

    "Anya Randall and Shelley McCammon are eye-catching performers in the anxiety-laden audition numbers ..." - Tom Buck

    "The girls' romantic visions of the rockettes and "The Red Shoes" are evidenced in the moving number "At the Ballet" sung nicely by Anya Randall, Cynthia Baker and Kim Garrison." - Winifred Walsh, The Evening Sun

  • Sophisticated Ladies

    "... Anya Audette Randall vamps in fur with the "Hit Me With A Hot Note" and "Watch Me Bounce" then raises the sizzle in slinky red fringe with "I'm Beginning To See The Light" - this multi-talented lady directed this production and did a job that brings well-deserved rounds of applause."-Celeste Breitenbach, Times-Herald

    "Anya, wrapped in fur, sizzles through "Hit Me With A Hot Note and Watch Me Bounce" .... "In A Sentimental Mood", Anya and Les Diggs bring style and grace to "Im Beginning To See The Light." - Cynthia Darling, The Review

  • Ain't Misbehavin'

    "...Anya Audette-Randall showed a flair for comedy and the kind of energy that could keep an air conditioner running throughout the middle of a Baltimore summer. Perhaps Josephine Baker showed similar promise in "Shuffle Along", 66 years ago. "One never knows do one?" -R.B Jones, On Stage

    "Impeccably staged and choreographed by local singer/dancer Anya Audette Randall, "Ain't Misbehavin'" is fueld by the boundless energy of its cast ..." - Carolyn Kelemen

  • Nunsense II

    "... Anya Audette Randall as Sister Mary Hubert, had excellent comedy timing throughout and led a spirited rendition of "There's Only One Way to End Your Prayers." - John Drybred, Intelligencer Journal

    " energetic, spirited performance by five Little Sisters of Hoboken reincarnates the wacky spirity of the original with a nun-stop series of schticks, parodies, songs and puns galore!" -

    "...Randall makes a perfect foil for Boswell's Mother Superior as an ambitious second-in-command who puts a spiritually solid "Amen!" in the show's best tune, "There's Only One Way to End your Prayers." -Jim Ruth, Entertainment Editor

  • Pippin

    "...St. Mark's Players Win Two Awards for Musical, 'Pippin' ... Anya Audette Randel Nebel was named 'Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical' ..."

    -Michael Toscano, The Washington Post

  • Hello Dolly!

    starring Anya Randall-Nebel (as Dolly Levi)

    "...can take her place alongside Carol Channing, Ginger Rogers, Martha Raye and all the others who did the part on Broadway. And she doesn't take a backseat to any of them. Her voice is perfect and the relaxation she shows in the part comes across so naturally you forget she is acting. When she eats in the restaurant and nonchalantly hands the dis to an audience member in the first row to hold, she brings down the house ..." - Jules Blitz, Digital City

    "...she's all sparkle, feathers and sass!" -Celeste Breitenbach, Times-Herald

    "...Randall-Nebel plays Dolly with the wackiness of Streisand, but throws in a lot of vamp. Her melodic, yet booming voice engulfs a tune." -Kim Remesch

    "... was last seen as FSB's in Sophisticated Ladies where she wore two hats of director and performer. She has worked in the Baltimore/Washington area for the last 16 in productions of Nunsense, Purlie, Dreamgirls, Ain't Misbehavin', The King and I, and Will rogers Follies. Anya has also toured the country and Europe in National Productions of Godspell, Ain't Misbehavin', Little Shop of Horrors, and Buddy, the Musical. Anya was givin the opportunity to sing backup for Bruce Willis at the Lake Tahoe Planet Hollywood and get acting tips from Ossie Davis. Her carbaret credits include 3 one-woman shows titiled, "So What, I'm 30!"; "The Lady in Your Life"; "Sisters in the Name of Love". -from Playbill

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